Summer in South Carolina means big pitchers of sweet tea, cookouts with family and friends, and long afternoons and evenings sitting in the comfort and security of a beautiful screened porch.

Screen room enclosures are a widely popular addition to many homes here in South Carolina and have been for years. As traditional as they are, our design experts at Palmetto Porches have noticed several interesting design trends putting a modern spin on this timeless classic in screened porches. 

If you’re thinking about adding in a brand-new screened porch for your home, here are some of the latest design trends our team at Palmetto Porches have seen that we think are worth paying attention to.

Rustic, Earth-Themed Accents

One of the most popular trends we’ve seen lately pairs rustic accents and earthy materials with traditional-style screen room enclosures. Think rattan chairs and brick walls, and stone floorsIn most cases, these accents use unfinished, raw materials as a striking contrast against the clean walls and contemporary furniture of your patio. Greenery and other plants are another great touch and can enhance the earthy feel of your rustic-themed patio enclosure.

Smart Lighting

While rustic touches here and there can somehow make your porch look more modern, candles or other outdated illumination solutions won’t necessarily have the same effect. When it comes to lighting for your porch area, upgrading with state-of-the-art smart features is always a good idea.

Ask a contractor about touch lighting and smart switches, remote controlled lighting and lights that connect to your home’s wi-fi connection. If you have an Alexa or another similar device, you can also connect your lighting to work on voice command.

Screened Porches and Potted Plants

As we mentioned earlier, plants can provide an excellent contrast to an earth-inspired, rustic porch setting. Beyond rustic, however, plants complement just about any décor you choose for your screened-in porch, from traditional to contemporary and many others. 

To keep the outdoor theme going, a simple plant or small tree can really spruce up your screen room enclosure. Plants are readily available in a variety of options and placing them in certain areas of your room can help bring in both color and an outdoorsy feel. We suggest mixing and matching some hanging plants that will transform your patio into a lush, garden-style haven for relaxation.

Throw Away Cheap Fans

To stay cool in the hot summer months, adding a fan to your screen room is a must. While cheap fans might be convenient, investing in a more solid model will add more style and class than you might think. Opt for a ceiling fan or a wall-mounted fan to save space and keep your screened-in porch looking up to date, modern, and put-together.

Al Fresco Dining Behind a Screen

Eating outdoors is a staple in the south, and using your custom screen room for outdoor meals can keep the mosquitoes and other insects out of the equation. 

screen room dining room table will add functional design to your porch area, and an opportunity to bring the family together for a sit-down meal. If you’re into entertaining or have a particularly large family, screen room enclosures are the perfect spot for a farmhouse-style table.

Create a Space for Meditation, Yoga, and Relaxation

These days, achieving mindfulness is quickly becoming an important goal in many people’s lives. Your screened porch can be the perfect space for creating a relaxing oasis for meditating, doing yoga, or simply enjoying a relaxing, quiet moment during a busy day. Think about clearing a space on your porch for yoga mats, for meditation or exercise. You can also add an iPod dock or a stereo to play relaxing music, a hammock for relaxation, and anything else that might help you bring a little more peace to your lifestyle.

If you’re interested in building the perfect screen room, or if you’re looking for more screen room designs, contact us at Palmetto Porches. Since 2004, we’ve been transforming South Carolina homes with beautiful, enclosed spaces to enjoy the gorgeous weather without dealing with the bugs.

To speak to us about your porch ideas for your home, give us a call now to speak to one of our friendly associates. You can also start the process for building your own custom screen room today, by filling out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation pricing estimate in your home now.