The porch is a versatile aspect of your home, especially if it is transformed into a screened-in porch. A screened-in porch can be an extension of your living room and be a space to socialize, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. The advantage of this over open porches is that it can keep your family and guests protected from insects, the harsh weather, and other external elements.

However, the thing with screened-in porches is that they might sometimes require greater maintenance effort compared to indoor spaces. In this article, our experts at Palmetto Porches will share some of our favorite tips on how to clean screens on a porchand other necessary maintenance tasks that you need to know. Take a look at these tips and learn how you can deal with dirt build-up and prevent deterioration of your outdoor area, to preserve the life and beauty of your screened-in porch for as long as possible.

Routine Maintenance

The best way to clean screens on a screened in porch and to maintain all its aspects is by doing routine maintenance. Routine maintenance should include:

  • Sweeping floors with a push broom every other day or every week.
  • Dust the screen, windowsills, and door frames with a counter brush.
  • Wash light fixture covers every month to get rid of insects that might get accumulated in them. Rinse and dry covers before using them.

Seasonal Maintenance

Aside from routine care, there are also seasonal tasks that will need to be performed. These quarterly maintenance efforts are essential parts of the cleaning process and can help to keep your screened-in porch looking brand-new throughout the year.

Some of these tasks include:

  • Using a stiff broom to remove cobwebs, dust, and dirt build-up on walls and the ceiling. 
  • Washing and wiping the walls with a polyester sponge, water, and mild cleaner.
  • Scrubbing grime with a long-handled deck brush, hot water, and mild cleaner after sweeping the floor with a push broom.
  • Getting rid of mildew by scrubbing the affected part of the floor with a deck brush and a solution of 1-part oxygen bleach and 3 parts water. (When doing this, don’t forget to use gloves and goggles.)
  • If you don’t know how to clean screens on a porch, simply use a utility brush to clean the screens with mild cleaner and warm water. After washing the frame and mesh, rinse them thoroughly using a hose and let them air dry. You can also use counter brush and vacuum to eliminate dirt and dust stuck in between the mesh of the screens.

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