During the summer months, your screened-in porch is probably one of your favorite places to spend time. You’re able to enjoy the evening breeze without enduring mosquitoes or other pests. When winter rolls around, you’ll likely use your porch less, so it’s a good idea to winterize the space, so it will be ready to use once spring comes around. 

Easy Steps to Winterize Your Screened In Porch

In extremely cold climates, winterizing a porch can be more complicated. Since winters in the Bluffton area are relatively mild, it’s a fairly simple process. 

Clean the Porch Thoroughly 

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean the space. Otherwise, you’ll be trapping dirt and dust for the duration of the winter. Sweep and mop the floors, launder curtains and throw pillow covers, and wipe down the walls.

Take Detailed Measurements

Measure all the screened sections of your porch and add a few inches of height and width so there will be enough overlap to attach the plastic to the trim around the screens. Once you have your measurements, you’re ready to shop. 

Purchase and Install Plastic Sheeting

Head to the home improvement store and buy:

  • Thick vinyl sheeting
  • Velcro tape
  • A razor knife

Cut a piece of vinyl to fit each screened section of your porch. Once you have all your pieces, you’ll use the Velcro tape to attach them. 

NOTE:You may have read a version of this process that includes nailing the plastic to the trim. If you use Velcro, you’ll be able to reuse the vinyl sheets each year, and next year’s installation will be super easy. 

  • Use one long piece of Velcro tape (the hook side) across the top and two shorter pieces along each side.
  • Secure the matching loop side of the tape to the trim.
  • Attach the sheeting and press each piece of Velcro tape firmly
  • Check for gaps and secure them with additional tape, if necessary

Tips from Our Screened In Porch Contractors

  • Be sure the trim is clean and dry before attaching the tape
  • This is easier as a two-person job, and having another person to help will make it easier to pull the vinyl sheeting taut
  • At the end of the season, use a Sharpie to number each piece of plastic and mark each loop side of the Velcro tape with a corresponding number. 
  • If you don’t plan to leave the loop side of the tape up during the summer, find a way to mark each piece of vinyl, so you’ll know where it goes next winter. Then, you’ll simply have to purchase additional Velcro tape next year. The process will still be fast and easy as you won’t have to measure, cut, and apply tape to the vinyl. 

That’s it! Your porch is ready for the chilly winter nights, and it will only take a few minute to de-winterize your porch when the warm South Carolina weather comes back around. 

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