Every summer, thousands of South Carolina homeowners are forced to hide out indoors from the sun, temperatures, and insects. But, it doesn't have to be that way with local Bluffton sunrooms from Palmetto Porches. If you've decided that you want to install a sunroom addition this year, but it's still winter, don't worry! Palmetto Porches offers year-round installation services of our customized sunrooms and home additions. With more than 15 years as one of the area's leading home remodelers, we are dedicated to ensuring you get the products you want when you want them.

An Efficient Installation Process

Our Bluffton sunroom experts provide complete support throughout the entire installation process. In fact, we're very familiar with what is needed to successfully obtain HOA approval, proper permits, and your approval on the final design. We'll be ready to start building your addition faster than you think!

The relatively temperate climate in South Carolina allows us to continue building throughout most of the year. Our team is skilled at swift, efficient installations, so you won't be forced to endure construction for months. Most of our Bluffton sunroom additions can be completed within a couple of weeks, or even less if we build on an existing deck.

Your Sunroom Options

Palmetto Porches specializes in a wide variety of sunrooms and enclosures for your home. We can create a space where your family will spend those warm summer days, take in as much sun as possible, or where you can even enjoy the views in the winter. Below are a few of our products that are available to install any time of the year:

If you are considering adding on a sunroom or enclosure in the off-season, give Palmetto Porches a phone call. We'll be happy to explain more about our services and what makes us the premier Bluffton sunroom company. Fill out our convenient online form to schedule a free, at-home consultation with one of our designers to go over your options and get an accurate price estimate for the sunroom installation.